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Since the 590A1 is designed from the ground up as a military grade shotgun it has many features that also appeal to tactical shooters. The polymer stock of the 590A1 Blackwater Edition is a speed feed design, holding up to four extra rounds of your favorite fodder, I prefer slugs or a less lethal combination and since you’re dealing with a pump shotgun it will cycle anything you feed it. A recoil pad comes standard and the stock grip has a pebble grain finish for extra control in wet conditions. My sample had a slightly untrimmed recoil pad that overhung the stock by about 1/16 of an inch and while purely cosmetic, did not affect the performance at all. Some shooters also reported they had problems with the shells falling out of the stock during heavy recoil although I never experienced this during my testing. The springs in the stock are strong and unless they were not inserted correctly and didn’t catch the lip of the shell they won’t fall out.

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